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How It Began

I started Trattoria Dei Savi in 2002 so that I could bring my love of traditional Sardinian food to the heart of the Swiss mountains. Having grown up in Sardinia, I had a vision of creating a traditional Trattoria with dishes made from fresh produce and the finest ingredients, where every item tells a story and delivers an authentic Sardinian experience.

At the heart of the restaurants ethos is it's fresh pasta and pizzas, made in the traditional way with semolina flour which is then left to ferment for at least 24 hours before cooking.


All the produce we use in our dishes comes from Smerelda, a family-run business in Sardinia which is owned by my sister and brother-in-law. Located in the South of Sardinia, they are one of the largest distributers of artisanal Sardinian products, supplying restaurants and specialty food stores worldwide.

If you'd like to take a slice of Sardinia home with you, you can purchase all of the ingredients used to create our dishes from our boutique. We have a fantastic selection of charcuterie and cheeses including the finest Pecorino cheese, Pane Carasau which is a traditional Sardinian flatbread, a selection of dried pastas and Bottarga, a wonderful fish roe known as Sardinian caviar that can be added to pasta or shaved directly on to vegetables as a starter.

I believe in providing an authentic Sardinian experience and nearly the whole restaurant team is of Sardinian origin. Together, we’re passionate about the amazing food that comes from Sardinia and it’s a pleasure to be able to share our passion with you and to bring a taste of Sardinia to Switzerland.

- Luigi

Restaurant Owner


Trattoria Dei Savi is a charming Sardinian restaurant, combining a warm atmosphere and a simple approach to traditional Sardinian cuisine.

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